Men's Volleyball

Basic Information:
The Alabama Men's Volleyball Club was re-established in 2007 and the team has been
competing at the intercollegiate level ever since. We typically travel to 2-3 tournaments around
the south each semester, and host a tournament of our own once a year. Tournaments are
usually within 5 hours driving distance and take place on Saturdays. We will leave Friday
afternoon, and return to campus by Saturday night. If we have enough players we will field
two teams during tournaments but in all other aspects we will treat the club as one team.
Commitment to the team both in terms of time and effort is very important to us. Players who
get the most play-time will be those who are the most skilled and also those who are the most
committed to the team.

Practice Schedule:
Practices last two hours and are held at least three nights a week. Practice times will be
decided as a team depending on the schedules of the members and availability of courts. We
see practice as a time to improve our volleyball skills and as such will include drills. Practices
will also include time for scrimmages or king-of-the-court style games so that players learn
not only the mechanics of volleyball, but also the court awareness that can only come from
experience. That is to say, we always make sure practices are fun.

How to Join:
We hold an open tryout each semester for prospective players. We are extremely interested
in bringing in new players with a background of playing organized volleyball. However, we
understand that not many guys grew up playing volleyball, but we welcome any player who
is willing to put in the time and effort to become a skilled volleyball player even if they have
no prior experience. The most important things that we look for in such a player are overall
athleticism, a willingness to listen to instruction, and the ability correct to mistakes after they have
been pointed out.

Contact Information:
President: Patrick Smith